<>TAG - The Hague (NL)

Tag gallery in Den Hagg is an arts space consisting of a gallery, performance area and office. We struggled to park the van as the entire street was being regenerated – we had to carry all the equipment by hand through a building site, a distance of over 200 meters! The gig felt good, exploring the torch in mouth strategy again, pulses from John’s analogue electronics worked well with Paul’s turntable manipulations. Musically, the performance felt far more brutal than either of us thought we were capable of. The visual projections were less than ideal – a small screen, some distance from the audience with our movements casting shadows onto it. During post-gig discussion we received some constructive criticism from Kier Neuringer, artistic director of Tag Gallery and a well-known local musician/live cinema practitioner:

My biggest problem with it was the video, the music was visceral and alive, the visuals were not, very little correlation between the two. The only time it really worked was the couple of times when the vinyl scratching could be seen, when the music stops, the visual does not. It caries on…a big no no!

In highlighting the fact that we are musicians not visual practitioners Keir’s comments raised questions with which we still grapple, giving us plenty of food for thought whilst traveling towards the final performances of the tour. For example, what is our relationship to a flat, rectangular, framed projection? Do the visuals distract from the interaction inherent in our music making? We could not remove our equipment from Tag Gallery until 11am the next morning and then we got lost trying to navigate around a one-way (foreign) system, finally leaving The Hague at midday. This was not a great start to a ten-hour, 700km drive from The Hague to Berlin.