Queen Charlotte - Norwich (UK)

Having left York at 8.30 am we arrived in Norwich early afternoon and managed to get John’s guitar successfully repaired. The ‘Queen Charlotte’ advertises live ‘music’ seven nights a week, on arrival we were impressed by the scale and layout of the venue and with a helpful engineer soundcheck ran glitch free. Although planned as an evening of ‘live electronic experimentation’, unknown to us the architecture of this event had changed beyond all recognition, resulting in us headlining a night of singer songwriters. Taking the stage at 11pm, following three hours of acoustic guitar based repertoire was an uncomfortable situation. The mood in the room fed directly into our music, a drone based set ensued, not deliberately confrontational, but still perhaps perceived as antagonistic. We played quite well, compositional form suffered somewhat, but expectations were questioned: ‘I’ve never heard anything like this before!’ (Queen Charlotte sound engineer).