Salon Bruit - Berlin (DE)

On arriving in Berlin we once again got very lost, after various phone calls to the promoter it turns out that there was more than one Kastanienallee in Berlin and we were at the opposite side of the city. Feeling stressed and nearing a point of total exhaustion we were barely on speaking terms, so opted to play a stripped down, mostly analogue set with no visuals at 2am! This experience was a revelation. There were and are still are compromises inherent to our visual setup; for Paul the latency introduced via digital processing of time-coded vinyl is felt as a lack of control and tactility, and the sound of digital audio files does not compare with the sound, flexibility and realness of analogue vinyl. For John not having to setup behind a table and in front of a laptop camera allowed him to readopt his preferred floor-based performance setup with no audience/performer separation. Crouching on the floor surrounded by tactile technologies facilitated musical chaos and accidental triggering of audio, an inherent part of his practice.