Transmediale08 Award: Improvisation 1 & 2


    Improvisations 1 & 2 were nominated for the Transmediale award 2008. We where also invited to play Club Transmediale @ Maria in Berlin. Audio Documentation here and a review here.

    Nomination text: 'Tron Lennon is a new collaborative project of the British guitarist John Ferguson and the VJ, composer and turntableist Paul Bell. In their new live set, Paul uses Ms Pinky VJ software to manipulate digital video material, whilst John uses Max/Jitter and live camera feeds, allowing performance gesture to intervene in pre-recorded and synthetically generated visual materials. The improvisations that Tron Lennon perform develop like a sort of laboratory of multiform experiments, out of which music emerges as an active agent that allows new techniques to be tested. The two musicians perform pre-composed works, but each and every piece of gear, device and track used in the live show deviates from its original function and the sound mostly comes out of distortions. The 'alteration' of the original formula and the dynamics in their process is a wonderful embodiment of Club Transmediale's new theme, 'Unpredictable'. Expect a live show that celebrates the spontaneity and the ephemeral nature of sound, personal interaction and risk-taking in order to probe, provoke and generate creative response.'