Winning Post - York (UK)

Liaising with Will Edmondes, this concert followed up on an earlier CETL funded project (a free improvisation workshop led by John Edwards and Mark Sanders) and featured mesmerizing performances from some local practitioners including Karl DSilva, Gwilly Edmondez and Matt Postle. For Tron Lennon this was our first taste of being on the road, and although the rigors of travel were not yet taking their toll on us, equipment was suffering already, with the electronics in John? guitar malfunctioning just before their performance. This contributed to a rather ?ense set, perhaps lacking in dialogue somewhat but relatively cohesive nonetheless. John found a new strategy for performing with light sensors, activating the circuit by gripping a torch between his teeth keeping both hands free to do other things. The evening maintained a workshop like atmosphere throughout and we were made to feel very much at home amongst this inquisitive audience.